One Minute ABI

The world's fastest ankle-brachial index device.

Automated ABI Results in just One Minute

Heart Smart's ABI conducts simultaneous blood pressure measurements on one arm and both ankles.

One Minute ABI

Why measure Ankle-Brachial Index

It’s a simple solution for diagnosing Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). 70% of patients with PAD do not experience traditional symptoms and are not diagnosed. 1/3 of asymptomatic patients have masked LEAD (Lower-Extremity Artery Disease). 13% of all population is affected by PAD.
One Minute ABI Features
Measure ABI with One Minute ABI
  • Discover blocked arteries in 1 minute with One Minute ABI
  • Quick and Easy Assesment
  • 3 CUFFTM simultaneous measurement
  • PADsenseTM algorithm
  • Results software analysis, print-out and secure storing of the result for a precise interpretation at any time.
Areas of Use
  • The physicians can provide a reliable, risk-free arterial assessment and obtain accurate results within a very short amount of time.
  • General Practice
  • Compression Therapy and Woundcare
  • Angiology
  • Cardiology
  • Nephrology
  • Diabetology
  • Neurology
  • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Vascular Surgery
Three Steps Start to Finish
  • 1) Place cuffs on the arm and both legs
  • 2) Press the start button
  • 3) Read the results on the screen or print/save the report
What's In the Box
  • ABI device (one-minute exam)
  • 6 conical BP cuffs (med and large)
  • Windows laptop computer
  • All cables
  • ABI proprietary results software
  • Nation's best 3-year warranty on ABI device
  • Pictured stand is optional (not included)
Add-ons & Upgrades
  • Mobile Stand (As seen in photo above)
  • Wireless printer

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