Digital Transcranial Doppler Systems

Evaluate the blood flow velocity in the main arteries of the brain, to facilitate the detection of stenoses and emboli
flowing in the bloodstream.

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Measure blood flow velocities, detect stenosis and identify emboli with a set of pain-free sensors and monitors.

Digital Transcranial Doppler System

Our complete TCD products line is offered in 2 Main Configurations:

  • Stand Alone single component device with touch screen monitor
  • Portable and lightweight mobile solution with attached touch screen laptop
Digital Transcranial Doppler Features
The Total Transcranial Package
  • User friendly touchscreen interface for easy and simple operation
  • The first and only Auto-Trackā„¢- which is automatic depth detection for fast and east intonation (patent pending)
  • Detection and counting of emboli
  • Evaluation of the brain vasomotor reserve
Proprietary Display
  • Digital M-mode display allows a comprehensive, ultra-sensitive view into cranial activity
  • Detects flow velocity at the contra-lateral side of the brain
  • Each 2 MHz probe can insonate the brain in 64 different depths/gates, displaying 8 different Doppler spectrum windows simultaneously
  • Two main configurations: 1-channel uni-lateral and 2 channel bi-lateral
Unparalleled Reporting
  • Access an advanced, user-configured reporting system that allows for immediate right-brain/left-brain comparison, segmented analysis and a top-down summary for the referring physician
  • Quickly detect Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) and Right to Left Shunts (RLS)
  • Monitor vasospasms following aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage
  • Integrate into TPA treatment for acute stroke patients
What's In the Box
  • Transcranial Doppler Device (stand alone or portable)
  • Laptop when ordered with portable configuration
  • 2Mhz probe
  • Proprietary software including long term monitoring, emboli and VMR
  • All appropriate cables

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