The field leader for vascular diagnosis, the ABI-500CL helps identify arterial diseases in seconds, and treat them in minutes.

ABI Vascular Testing

The Simple Way


Why should a cardiac exam take any longer than a blood pressure test? With Heart Smart's ABI solution, it doesn't.

Easy to use and financially prudent, the ABI-500CL offers dual ankle pressures, automatic index calculations and seamless EMR connectivity. Getting patients the precise, diligent care they deserve and saving practitioners' time in the process.
ABI-500CL Features
ABI Made Easy
  • Simple implementation
  • Short learning curve
  • Point & click reporting
  • Automatic cuff selection
  • Rapid, noninvsaive PVR
ABI Made Easy
  • 8MHz Doppler — the gold standard
  • Automated cuff selector with responsive inflation/deflation
  • Simple push-button remote for waveform capture
  • Custom reports with individual practice logo & contact information
ABI Made Easy
  • Hassle-free printer connectivity
  • Multi-format EMR integration
  • Two-year parts & labor warranty
  • Compliant with CPT codes 93922 & 93923
What's In the Box
  • Cuff link with 8-port cuff selector
  • Single-level ABI & TBI testing equipment
  • Multi-level segmental testing equipment
  • Sensitive 8MHz doppler
  • PPG probe
  • 9 cuffs (4x10cm, 4x12cm & 1x1.9cm)
Add-ons & Upgrades
  • Dedicated computer
  • Wireless printer
  • Roll stand with basket
  • Mobile carrying bag

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