Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM) Simplified


Monitor your Chronic Disease patients in real time!

* Diabetes * CHF * COPD * Hypertension

RPM, as provided by Heart Smart Inc. allows clinicians to reduce hospital admissions, lower healthcare costs and provide better care and outcomes for patients. With RPM, clinicians can leverage data to help give patients better feedback regarding their conditions and treatment. In addition, RPM can also be a way to increase revenue for outpatient practices.

Our FDA approved devices collect patient data and transmit automatically to our HIPAA compliant cloud-based portal. The collected data allows a clinician to monitor changes in patient vital signs and act accordingly. We provide many different types of devices and program options, which are customizable to each individual practice, clinician and patient.

As you consider implementing a Remote Patient Monitoring program, let Heart Smart help you manage this transition. In addition to helping organizations drive clinical efficiencies, our platform and clinical services simplify the planning and deployment of remote patient management by using a turnkey solution that enables reimbursement with time stamping and correlating notes and reporting. Reach out to us to find out more about CPT codes and RPM for your organization.

RPM Device Options:

Cellular Enabled devices that work flawlessly out-of-the-box, no app, no smart phone pairing or training required. Choice of BP, weight scale or glucose device.

Bluetooth Enabled devices work effortlessly by pairing with a smartphone. Simply download our App and our devices pair immediately. Choice of BP, weight scale, pulse oximeter or glucose device.

Gateway Hub is a 4G/LTE modem that we utilize if no smart phone is available and our cellular enabled devices are not chosen.

Heart Smart Inc. RPM Program Options:

Heart Smart Basic Program

Clinic purchases devices from Heart Smart

Clinic provides patients with devices

Clinic educates and trains patients (99453)

Clinic monitors dashboard (99454)

Clinic provides 20 minutes patient communication (99457)

Premium Turnkey Concierge Program

Devices are included in the monthly fee

Heart Smart ships devices to patients

Heart Smart handles all patient needs (99453)

Heart Smart monitors the dashboard (99454)

Heart Smart provides 20 minutes communication (99457)