CM Profiler 1100

All it takes is seven minutes. Identify, diagnose and analyze autonomic, cardio-vascular and diabetic complications
as quick as that.

Total Non-Invasive Assessment

Autonomic, Vascular and Cardiometabolic
Risk Assessments

CM Profiler 1100

The non-invasive nature of CM Profiler 1100 testing provides a safe, comfortable, and convenient method of assessing patient risks and overall health.
CM Profiler 1100 Features
Risk Assessment Made Easy
  • User-friendly
  • Non-invasive
  • 7-10 minute test
  • Easy to interpret report
  • Automatic Program operation
Cardiometabolic Risk Assessments
  • Differentiating the patient symptom causes
  • Early detection of chronic metabolic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and vascular disease
  • Early detection of ANS and vascular complications
  • Treatment management of type 2 diabetes using scores, Cardiovascular and hypoglycemia risk markers
Instant Reporting
  • Collect, organize and begin analyzing data in just 7-10 minutes
  • Easy-to-interpret reporting makes it simple to discuss results with patients, medical professionals and referring physicians
  • Software collects data automatically without further assistance or management
What's In the Box
  • Windows Laptop computer
  • 3 Bluetooth blood pressure cuffs
  • Bluetooth pulse oximeter
  • Bluetooth Processing System
  • All cables to perform the test
  • 100 disposable electrodes
Add-ons & Upgrades
  • Wireless color printer
  • 3-shelf rolling stand
  • 2-year additional warranty
  • Mobile carrying bag

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