About Us

Heart Smart is a leading provider of cutting-edge telemedicine monitoring technology and diagnostic services. To provide all patients with access to superior medical technology and treatment, we enable doctors to detect, diagnose and treat patients with abnormalities.

Combating Heart Disease With Each Device

Even with regular advances in the healthcare industry, cardiovascular disease is still a prominent threat that endangers millions of lives. Cardiovascular diseases affect people of all ages and, in America, causes one death every 33 seconds. Cardiovascular disease still ranks as the leading cause of death in America. Through convenient, accessible and effective technology, we aim to combat these deadly statistics of modern living.

Well-Informed and Accurate Diagnoses

Heart Smart is dedicated to creating a results-driven culture of conclusive diagnoses through outstanding service to both patients and doctors. Our product line has been carefully selected to emphasize diagnostic analysis capabilities and accommodate patients.

As a privately-owned provider, Heart Smart is not tethered to any manufacturer. With this freedom, we provide clinicians with the highest quality of cardiac devices, with unique attention to individual needs.

A History of Patient-Focused Technology

Established in 2001, the founders of Heart Smart sought a way to respond to alarming cardiac health statistics. Since we began providing this technology and the corresponding monitoring services, we have since aided clinicians in helping hundreds of thousands of patients.

With over 40 years of executive experience in the biotechnology industry, we have an unparalleled expertise in facilitating arrhythmia and cardiac monitoring through our advanced technology and 24/7 monitoring services.

Heart Smart Patient

"I want to commend you on the exemplary service I received from your company. At a time when I was frightened and anxious about what was happening to me, your people were very supportive. All of your people were very professional and very patient, understanding and supportive, which helped quell the anxiety I was feeling."

We encourage you to call us at anytime for any reason. We truly want to earn your trust and confidence.